⬆️🎮👓 Sony Play Station 5 Giveaway Creative Content Contest, Is Now Launched.

Arrow Gaming Glasses™ is now launching a new giveaway contest. Below are the details of this current event :


  1. Participant must create 1(or more), minimum 30 sec - 1 minute(maximum) creative REVIEW video OR 1(or more) Creative Images of our product(any).
  2. Participant must PRESENT at least 1 of our product(any) in their presentation.
  3. There's no limit of contents that participant can create before the closing date of 31st Oct 2021.
  4. Participant must create the review creative contents at SOCMED of (limited to) Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  5. Participant must write a caption of hashtags of #arrowgamingglassesPS5 or #arrowgamingglassesreview along with their contents repectively.
  6. Participant must tag our SOCMED page respectively of the SOCMED contents that they creating on (if the contents is created on facebook, tag our facebook page). Tag our page as follows -->
  • Facebook➡️ @arrowgamingglassesstore 
  • Instagram➡️ @arrowgamingglasses
  • TikTok➡️ *will be announce soon*


    All of the above points is the subject of mandatory for the chance of winning Sony Play Station 5. The closing date(the last day) of this contest is 31st Oct 2021. Only 1 winner will be announced soon after the date ended. Good Luck!

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