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Blue Light as an energy light at the edge of spectrum of visible lights.

Blue light, a type of energy light, is part of the visible light spectrum. On other part is non-visible light which have even more higher energy or lower (extreme) and we call it ultra-violet and infra-red lights.



The blue light is on the edge measurement intensity of visible lights, which we can consider it as the most harmful type of light other than reds, in the visible light spectrum. It covers from lighter blue color lights until the purplish.



Lights measured with NM, which stands for Nano Meter. The lights energy measurement is comes in a reading of normal to extreme. The visible lights is in the normal phase of reading. It will become more extreme at the upside and the downside of the readings which the blues and reds is at the edge of it.



   This answers to us of the green lights as a type of some good lights which it places at the middle area of measurement of visible lights and also at the overall lights. But still, the brightness of radiances must be controlled.

   By considering the blue lights is one the most harmful light in the visible spectrum other than reds, we better find a way to prevent it. Arrow Gaming Glasses is 1 of the solutions. Shop with us at


Why we emphasize more to preventing blue lights? More post next!

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