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Which AGG Are Best To Wear (1-by-1 Guide)

   Arrow Gaming Glasses is selling the premium class of harmful rays filtering glasses, narrowing our targets to the gamers community. Here are some guide for you to choose which Arrow Gaming Glasses that may suits you :



AGG Prime-X Limited Edition.

AGG Prime-X is our best selling product which it is very convenient for you to wear it for your gaming session as it will filters the harmful lights that coming to your eyes and only leaves the sufficient but as clear as you're not wearing it. What makes it the best selling is, the style. Its attractive rectangular-oval shape which can match to any feature of faces, have make it the number 1 selection of most of our customers and 99% gives very good reviews about it. It is made by TR-90 plastic or thermoplastic that makes it very durable and 50% elastic with anti-scratch lenses. It is the combination of effective, durability and classy. It comes with 5 variation of colors. AGG Prime-X may be the best selection for you. Check it out in our website. Why is it limited edition? Because we don't know how long the stock will last.




The Retrogamers, is actually our most favorite. We can say, this is the top class of all Arrow Gaming Glasses. A masterpiece. Retro-round-artistic looks is fair enough to put it as an astonishingly finished design. Some might not favor it as this glasses is made by acetate, a kind of non-elastic plastic that need to be taken care quite carefully which you can't bend it around. But it is still a very durable product, and should be served like an exclusive and exceptional kind. Harmful lights filter lenses is attached to it, for your relieving gaming experience. Check it out in our website.




AGG Transparent Series gives you a little deviation of choices with its unique colors. It is made by acetate glass color plastic with 2 variation which is white and grey transparent. It is a must have item for glasses lover to put in your glasses station as a collection. At a time, you can put this on to change your looks and to build your confidence. It also comes with unscratchable lenses with harmful lights filters to take care of your eyes on the screen-time.




A Prime-X Limited Edition custom glasses which you can custom the harmful lights filter lenses with power or degree. After purchase, you can send to us your degree details to custom it to your favors to meets your eye condition.





This is the most economy and "wallet" friendly product that we have. Still useful as harmful light filtering glasses, aluminium and acetate made off, gives you professional-look and match with all face-shape. Recommended for budget buyer.





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